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How to Chose an Assisted Living Facility

There are lot's of things to consider when chosing a care provider and facility for a Loved One. We've created this checklist of things that we feel are important during this proces.

1. Location-How close is the facility to you.

2. What is included? Some facilities have add on fees as health declines and increased care is needed. Ask about this possibility at any facility you are considering.

3. What happens if my loved one's health declines? Can additional care be coordinated such as Rehab or Physical Therapy, Hospice or other services?

4. Does the Director of Nursing make visits with or to other facilities or hospitals on our behalf if needed?

5. How is care coordinated? Who does so? Are they experienced in a long term care setting and a Licensed RN

6. What is the facilities relationship with other facilities nearby? Do they work together? Do they refer to one another?

7. How are meals prepared and what sort of variety is offered? Can they offer different meal choices for the Residents at the same meal? Are dining hours set in stone?

8. Does my Mom or Dad have to get out of bed and eat at a certain time? You may have other things that are important to your family and loved one and each family is different.

It's important that you feel the provider and the staff that cares for your loved one is qualified, capable and above all is CARING and COMPASSIONATE.

We hope this information is useful for you as you continue your search for an appropriate facility for your loved. For more information visit our website at Angel's Retirement Home

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